Interior Design Consulting

Our team of interior designers work with/for you, to conceive the ideas and then translate them into beautiful and feasible designs. We create unique customized interior design solutions. We strive and work hard to meet our client’s expectation.

Space Planning

Efficient space planning combined with great ideas delivers creative and innovative spaces, which reflects your personality. From conception to completion, we offer custom design solutions that satisfies our client’s requirements innovatively.

Bespoke Furniture

Furniture is what adds value to a home, office or a hotel We pride ourselves on offering &find many types of furniture on the market that might suit different tastes and needs however bespoke furniture is something that definitely stands out of the crowd and ahead of the line. The special importance of these kinds of furniture lies in the fact that it gives a chance to the buyers to take control of the quality and the aesthetics. In short it goes beyond simple colors it empowers the customers with an opportunity to create the environment they want to live in.


Did you know that the lighting systems in your house would consume less electricity if they were refurbished with better lighting controls or by replacing the luminaries? Also did you know that with time, the efficiency of your offices air conditioning system falls down exponentially? These are just two of the many instances that indicate how important refurbishments actually are. However, a lot of prudence and observation is required to get the best possible results out of renovation because many times, merely replacing something old with a new product is not the answer. Hence, with the help of a small analysis and some knowledge on different kinds on products, a miniscule expenditure on refurbishments could give great benefits in return.

Project Managment

Execute the same with utmost care regarding quality, time schedule above all creating an ambience suitable for that particular sector. Our clients have with full confidence entrusted Creative Shelf with all aspects of responsibilities including site survey, interior design, cost evaluation & turnkey interior outfitting of all the places.